Our Value Proposition

When you invest your time to organize and share your information, we will invest our time to help you craft strategic financial solutions.

Step One:

We offer a consultation and conversation at our expense wherein our “value proposition” is made and you may ask and receive information about most financial matters.

Step Two:

“The Turning Point Discover Process” – This is the fact finding process in which strengths, weaknesses and opportunities are disclosed. Often during this phase, mutual confidence is strengthened as we seek to uncover your true wisdom and more fully understand your values and objectives.

Step Three:

“The Strategy Circle” – This is the essential decision-making tool of our process. It copies the most fundamental and universal elements of man’s historical progress in the world.

Step Four:

We implement our solutions based on “The Golden Rule”. We want to do only what is in your best interest for the long-term. We want you to be 100% satisfied that we have helped you set the right course. This is in our best interests because you will then be more likely to promote us to others and help us build our reputation in the community.

Step Five:

“Life-Long Learning” – We believe that the only constant in life is change. Change may be a source of fear and indecision forcing a person into denial or, change can be embraced and used as an opportunity for improvement. Our process employs periodic reviews of the solutions we implement in order to make certain what worked initially continues to work into the future.

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